Can Your Hot Water Heater Be Repaired or Is Replacement Necessary?

If you're having a problem with your hot water heater, you're likely wondering if it needs to be replaced or if you can get by with a less expensive repair. It helps to know what kind of problems could require repair or replacement. Tank Leaks One problem that is going to guarantee that your water heater needs replacement is a leak in the this often happens when there is a small hole that forms in the tank due to rust. Read More 

4 Reasons To Say Yes To A Tankless Water Heater

When it comes time to say goodbye to your old water heater, you also need to say hello to a new water heater. One of the best things about saying goodbye to your old water heater is that you can now choose to put an entirely new type of water heater in your home. When it comes to choosing a new water heater, here are five reasons you should say yes to a tankless water heater. Read More 

Drains Need Cleaning? 4 Reasons You Should Schedule That Project For Spring

If you typically have your drains cleaned during the winter, you might want to change your routine. While winter drain cleaning does get your drains ready for your holiday festivities, there are actually quite a few benefits to waiting until spring. Here are just four of the reasons you should plan your drain cleaning for spring.  Drain Sludge Will Be Thawed If you're planning on having your drains cleaned this winter, you should know that all sludge has probably hardened to a wintery mess. Read More 

Will The Drain Cleaning Service Do This?

When a drain stops flowing in a home or business, it can be an all-out disaster in some situations. Thankfully, drain cleaning services can be found in just about every location and can help customers out when they face drainage issues. Here are a few things that most customers have to ask when they need help from a drain cleaning professional for a drainage problem.  Will the drain cleaning service clean up the mess? Read More 

Why Your Water Pipes Might Be Noisy

Noisy water pipes are not just a bother; they might also point to a malfunction of the plumbing system. Below are some of the reasons water pipes sometimes become noisy. High Water Pressure Plumbing pipes have a limit to the water pressure they can safely handle. If the water pressure becomes too high, the pipes begin to rattle as the water begins to move more forcefully within the pipes. Typical causes of high water pressure include things like pipe damage, pipe obstructions, pressure valve maladjustment, and problems at the utility company, among others. Read More